Grand Theft Auto






I partnered with IGN again to play a new trick on the internet for April Fools' Day! From the creators of Breaking Bad, Rockstar's best-selling video game series comes to TV. Starring GTA's Steven Ogg as Trevor.


Produced and Directed by: CJ Gibson
Narrated by: Steven Ogg
Edited by: Patrick Coughlin
Production Manager: Kathleen Jo Luevano
Camera / Key Grip: Preston Kanak
Aerials: Jason Getchell
Executive Producers: Fran Mirabella III, Darren Brazil, CJ Gibson
Visual Effects: Yusuf McCoy, Mike Horn
Color Grading: Kirk Carson
Sound Design: Craig Beridon
Title Design: Jack Taylor
Grips: Alexio Quaglierini, Brian Malkiewicz
Promotion: Kiersten Slader
Thumbnail Art: Amanda Flagg
Cast: Dennis Ruel, Eric Jacobus, Neil Raje, James Leon Blancher, Alex Solomita
Extras: James Leon Blancher, Kirk Leverington, Angelique Ilusorio, Mark Ryan Sallee Dustin Keeton, Jordan Louie Gian Cruz, Jenny Varner, Sean Pitts, Derrick Barcelon

Special Thanks

Steven Ogg & Team
Mike Drucker
Jackalope Bar
The Prop House
Matthew Kruse
Marta Haftek
Lorelei Gibson
IGN Staff